The Critic

01.   Background

Getting the loan star to shine.

Discover Personal Loans is the banking division of Discover “IT” credit cards. We had been working with DPL to help them position their personal loan product and the messaging wrapped around it. With these insights in hand, DPL wanted to create a contest to generate some excitement. They came to LEVEL to promote the contest.

02.   Challenge

Making it personal.

Discover Personal Loans asked LEVEL to develop an idea to promote a $25,000 giveaway, which also happens to be the maximum amount a person can borrow. We jumped at the chance to create an engaging way to promote the contest. We knew we had to get people involved in the contest in a very ‘personal” way for it to be a success.

03.   Solution

Lights. Camera. And Action.

LEVEL created an integrated campaign targeted directly at current and past DPL customers. A quirky film character was conceived to encourage people to make a short video and to share their story how the loan changed their life. Discover then picked the top five for public viewing and voting. A variety of vehicles were used to promote the contest, including a microsite, a video featuring the DPL film critic, direct mail and a series of emails.