Medica 1975

01.   Background

Meet the new neighbor.

The Individual and Family Business at Medica asked LEVEL to develop
a go-to-market strategy that enabled them to successfully enter the new markets of Nebraska and Iowa—and be welcomed with open arms like a new neighbor.

02.   Challenge

Building trust one head nod at a time.

Despite the fact that Medica had been around for more than 40 years, nobody in Iowa and Nebraska had ever heard of them. The last thing we wanted to do was charge into these two new markets blowing Medica’s horn. Medica had to get new members the old fashioned way. They had to earn their trust. Not an easy task considering the fact that many of these people had been left in the dust by a previous health insurance group.

03.   Solution

Introducing a Midwestern grown health plan.

LEVEL decided to leverage the fact that Medica had been earning members trust throughout the Midwest since 1975. We had to let folks living in Iowa and Nebraska know that Medica had deep roots nourished by strong Midwestern values just like them.

After 40 years, these values hadn’t changed one iota. Medica was created for the people. Not for profit. LEVEL created a “prequel” advertising campaign to show Iowan’s and Nebraskans that Medica has been doing the office hustle for its members since 1975. The campaign kicked off three months before open enrollment and included, television, radio, web, outdoor, social, digital and event sponsorships.