Listen Up

01.   Background

Putting customer service first.

Medica is the second largest health insurer in the Twin Cities market. After the Affordable Care Act rolled out, Medica anticipated that the customer experience would emerge as a key brand differentiator. Medica performed an extensive customer service audit that revealed customers wanted someone to listen to their questions and concerns. They wanted someone who would help them navigate the complexities of the health insurance landscape.

02.   Challenge

Building team spirit.

As a result of the audit, Medica embarked on an initiative to strengthen employee customer engagement skills. Medica turned to LEVEL to create an internal communications campaign that would help them understand the healthcare experience from the member’s perspective.

We created the campaign theme “Listen Up,” to help all Medica employees understand that everyone – from the front desk to the corner office – plays a role in providing better customer service. The goal was to increase employee enthusiasm and buy-in, and ultimately increase customer satisfaction ratings.

03.   Solution

Listening. Learning. Succeeding.

We developed an integrated campaign, including videos, posters, email, and collateral materials. Medica kicked off the program with internal meetings, and followed through with recognition and incentives for employees who attended training, and who provided exceptional customer service. “Listen Up” was an instant hit. Medica employees embraced the program enthusiastically, and within a few months, they integrated “Listen Up” into their day-to-day culture. As a result, customer satisfaction increased (and continues to climb steadily). However, LEVEL’s work wasn’t done. We needed to share this great success story with the outside world—phase 2.

Taking it to the streets.

LEVEL turned the internal initiative into a tangible competitive advantage by creating an advertising campaign based on the “Listen Up” program. A three-part TV campaign was produced, which told the “Listen Up” campaign story in a documentary style. The TV spots showcased the efforts of its employees in making Medica more responsive to customer needs, and the increased customer satisfaction that resulted.

The TV ads were supported by radio and outdoor. The sheer transparency and authenticity of the campaign set Medica apart from competitors whose advertising shared a ubiquitous theme: smiling people riding bicycles and living a healthy lifestyle. Medica set itself apart in a refreshingly straightforward way.