Urgent Care Partners / Multicare Health System

Indigo Urgent Care

01.   Background

In the beginning, the slate was blank.

MultiCare Health Systems is one of the Pacific Northwest’s major players in hospitals and clinics. Now, they wanted to be the major player in urgent care. And they were going big—hoping to build and launch some 30 retail urgent cares in a mere two years.

MultiCare collaborated with Urgent Care Partners (UCP) in product development, and LEVEL was tapped to help design, name, brand, introduce, and market their new urgent care concept. A tall climb? You bet. And we were anxious to scale the peak.

Urgent care clinics are proliferating nationwide, so explaining the concept wasn’t the issue. The issue was differentiating ourselves in a highly congested category. To that end, we focused on the experience—the environment, the personality, the vibe.

Level was involved from the ground up, working with the architects and construction firm to breathe life into spaces and choreograph the entire consumer experience.

02.   Challenge

Apples and Oranges

We thought long and hard about urgent care as it always has been and set out to turn “as usual” on its head.

Other clinics have check-in personnel awkwardly seated behind the desk. Indigo has stand-up greeting stations that put them eye-to-eye with guests. Other clinics have waiting rooms. Indigo has comfy, colorful lounges. Other clinics have tattered magazines. Indigo has Wi-Fi and charging stations. Other clinics left patients wondering when and how they’d be cared for. Indigo takes a “concierge” approach, graciously ushering guests through the process—and in some cases even attached a pharmacy, so patients could walk out with everything they needed.

In short, we put calm and comfort into urgent care—and injected a healthy hit of Northwest cool.


03.   Solution

Anything but clinical.

Obviously, the clinics would be unique. And people in the Pacific Northwest knowingly inhabit a very special place. The ocean, the woods, the mountains—all beg residents to feel alive, to connect with their natural surroundings.

We named the clinics Indigo, reflective of the color of the ocean, the color of the peaks, the color of calm. And we paired it with the line “urgent care for individuals on the go” expanding the syllables in Indigo to tie the unorthodox name to the category of urgent care.

It’s a difference consumers can readily recognize. And MultiCare is confident we’ve hit on a formula that will turn their high hopes into rapid success.