Atmosphere Commercial Interiors


01.   Background

Bull’s-eye: Hitting a new mark in commercial interiors.

Target Commercial Interiors was sold to a holding company led by the existing management team. The senior managers of TCI were all Target Corporate alumni.  They had a great respect for Target brand efforts, and they understood the value of brand management.  However, they were eager to leave the bull’s-eye behind and create a brand vision that reflected the new company. LEVEL was asked to create a new name and identity system for them.

02.   Challenge

Stop seeing red.

The halo effect of the Target brand hovered over the senior managers and all the team members. It couldn’t be denied that they were all proud of working for a cool brand with clout. It was imperative the new brand be just as cool as TCI, and LEVEL had to move fast at generating a new company name and logo because the company was losing rights to the Target brand in 30 days.

03.   Solution

Shoot for the moon.

While Target was known for being trendy, the team members wanted the new commercial interiors company to be cool, yet timeless-like hardwood floors, not shag carpeting. LEVEL immediately understood how to define the essence of the new brand and set it outside of Target’s orbit. We developed an overarching brand strategy based on Insight Sessions with executive managers and then created a new company name, logo and brand guide—all within a lunar phase cycle i.e. 29.5 days.

LEVEL also managed the entire PR effort for their primary markets in Minnesota, Arizona and Wisconsin. We secured the front page of the business section in the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Our client was over the moon with what LEVEL accomplished in such a short time frame.