125th Anniversary

01.   Background

125 years of lasting value.

Boldt Construction is a nationally recognized construction company based in Appleton, WI. This family-owned company recently celebrated its 125-year anniversary, a tradition that began in 1889 with Martin Boldt, a German immigrant carpenter. Today, company values are embodied in Oscar C. Boldt, the company’s 90-year-old patriarch and Chairman.

The key to Boldt’s success over the years has been its unique ability to add value to the construction process through innovation, quality workmanship and exemplary service. Boldt creates projects that build communities and enhance lives. A school educates future generations. A power plant creates light, heat, jobs and prosperity. A hospital provides hope and healing.

02.   Challenge

Breaking new ground.

To celebrate the 125-year anniversary, Boldt asked LEVEL to develop ideas that were commensurate with that achievement. In other words, create a world-class celebration for a world-class company.  What could LEVEL bring to the drafting table that hadn’t been done before?

03.   Solution

Value. We wrote the book on it.

Once we started to think of new ideas for Boldt’s milestone celebration, we never looked back. Literally. We didn’t want to revisit the past but rather capture the essence of what drives Boldt forward.

To symbolize the lasting value that Boldt brings to clients and communities, we decided to create something more tangible and enduring than advertising. So, we wrote a commemorative book: Building Value. To help illustrate this remarkable story, LEVEL commissioned the award-winning National Geographic photographer David McLain to shoot Boldt construction projects around the country. The book was presented to Boldt clients, industry peers, prospects and community leaders.

The photographs from the book also became the centerpiece of an anniversary reception and art exhibition at Boldt offices around the country. Moreover, a documentary video about the book, featuring commentary by McLain accompanied the exhibition.

Based in part on the momentum created by the 125th anniversary initiative, the Boldt Company currently has a 2-1/2 year project backlog.