The mantra in the 1960’s was ‘Never trust anyone over 30.’

Well trust me turning 30 does have its advantages. I started my ad agency on April Fool’s Day 1986. This wasn’t an accident. No one should consider getting into the ad business on any other day. Ironically, I was 30 years old with $10,000 dollars of seed money and no clients. Our original name was Case/Foley because I knew if I named the agency after my wife Cindy Case that she would go along with my dream of starting my own business. And truth be told the $10,000 was really her savings.

When I look back, I was on a fool’s errand. What little I knew about the ad biz came from having worked as Assistant Account Executive at Campbell Mithun for three months and being a Creative Director at BI Worldwide for three years. Who wouldn’t want that kind of deep marketing experience working on their account? Fortunately, enough clients rolled the dice that we were up and running with ten clients and a staff of 13 people in the first year.

Since then we have done brand strategy, advertising and digital work for over 130 clients worldwide. Some where along the way we stopped pretending to know what we were doing and started to give advice based on real experience.

People always say that advertising is a young person’s business. That’s true. But to define ‘young,’ you have to look at attitudes, curiosity, passion and the ability to reinvent yourself. It’s really not an age thing… I also love the energy, talent and commitment of our young staff. They really drive our ability to change and stay current. We find staying young with adult supervision is the best combination. That’s been our journey for the past 30 years.

What makes this business so much fun and sometimes terrifying is that it is always about what’s new. And we are constantly helping our clients evaluate whether it’s worth chasing what’s new versus what’s important to growing their business. Digital, social media and content development are all powerful tools that we have added to our capabilities while understanding that without a clear brand position and solid brand strategy, they can be a colossal waste of money. We continue to evolve and work everyday to get better. I can hardly wait to see what the next 30 years brings. Trust us…it will be great.

Thanks to our clients, team, partners and friends for making LEVEL a special place.